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    产品型号(Item Name)   RMD-H-50
    额定电压(Nominal Voltage) V 24
    额定电流(Nominal Current) A 0.8
    最高瞬时电流(Highest instantaneous current) A 4(≤10s)
    额定功率(Rated power) W 19.2
    通信方式(Communication)   CAN
    额定扭矩(Nominal Torque) N.M 0.3
    最高瞬时扭矩(Highest instantaneous torque) N.M 0.9(≤10s)
    有效转速区间(Effective speed range)   10-300
    最高重复定位精度(Highest repeatability)   0.1
    最大转速(Maximum rotational speed) rpm 600
    相电阻(Phase resistance) Ω 1.83
    相间电感(Phase to Phase Inductance) uH 201
    电机重量(Motor weight) kg 0.19
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