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RMD-L-9015 product picture


1.Mechatronics design with built in motor drive and position sensor.

2.Large diameter with more pole pairs design ,providing higher torque and smaller space application.

3.Abundant product models,diameter range:20mm-140mm;torque range:0.02-5N.M

4.Support RMD Assistant setting,simple and easy usin

5.Wide voltage input range,support customize winding 

6.Environmental condition of working from -40 to 80 celsius

7.Support multiple communication methods RS485 or Can Bus.

8.Standard industry closed loop control mode(torque /speed/position) and support customize fucntion

9.Support motor speed upto 4000RPM

10.Multiple protection functions,like over temperature,over voltage and over current.

11.Apply for the filed which need precise control low speed and large torque,such as service robot, laser radar, gimbal and Laboratory test equipment


  • Technical specifications

    产品型号【Item Name】  


    匝数【Turns】 T 16/35
    额定电压【Nominal Voltage】 V 24
    额定电流【Nominal Current】 A 7.03/3.34
    额定扭矩【Nominal Torque】 N.M 1.64/1.67
    额定转速【Nominal Speed】 rpm 780/290
    最大空载转速【Max Speed】 rpm 1085/500
    最大瞬时扭矩【Max Instant Torque】 N.M 3.4/5
    最大瞬时电流【Max Instant Current】 A 15.00/11.00
    线电阻【Line Resistance】 Ω 0.35/1.51
    接线方式【Wire Connect】   Y
    相间电感【Phase to Phase Indutance】 mH 0.65/1.05
    转速常数【Speed Constant】 rpm/V 45/21
    扭矩常数【Torque Constant】 N.M/A 0.20/0.45
    转子惯量【Rotor Inertia】 gcm^2 3271
    极对数【Number of Pole Pairs】   14
    电机重量【Motor Weight】 g 650
    工作温度范围【Working Temperature】 °C -20°C~80°C
    最高退磁温度【Max Demagnetize Temoerature】 °C 120°C
    适配驱动器Matched Driver   适配驱动器Matched Driver
    驱动器类型【Drive】   MC200
    驱动器输入电压范围【Input Voltage】 V 8~36
    驱动器电流范围【Current】 A Normal:8A Instant:15A
    额定功率【Normminal Power】 W 200
    通信方式【Communication】   RS-485/CAN BUS
    编码器精度【Encoder】   14-bit magnetic encoder
    波特率【Baut Rate】   9600、19200、57600、115200(default)
    通信频率【Communication frequency】   RS485@115200BPS:500HZ; CAN BUS@1MBPS:2KHZ
    控制频率【Communicatiin frequency】   Torque open loop:24kHZ/Speed loop:8kHZ/Position loop:4KHZ
    控制模式【Control frequency】   Torque open loop/speed loop/position loop
    加速度曲线【S-Curve】   YES
    地址选择开关【ID switch】   YES
    接插件【Connector】   ZH1.5/8PIN
    温度传感器【Temperature sensor】   YES
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