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Feb 22, 2022
In Help and Getting Started
I am attempting to connect an RMD-L2805 and RMD-L5005 to the RMD config program. I have tried several versions of RMD config and I always get “connect error! Wrong device!” when attempting to connect. I am able to operate the motors by hand forming packets and sending them out the serial port. Below is the transaction between the PC and motor for the command 27: send: {3E}{12}{01}{00}{51} response: {3E}{12}{01}{3A}{8B}{44}{53}{33}{30}{52}{34}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00} {4D}{53}{33}{35}{58}{58}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{00}{32}{31}{36}{20}{17}{50}{31}{56}{9E}{00} {49}{00}{C8}{00}{C8}{00}{E7}{00}{3D} In order to use these motors I need to change the ID so they can be on the same bus, the RMD-L2805 does not have switches to change the ID. The protocol document here: does not define messages for how to change the ID. Can someone please give me some advice on how to get RMD config to work properly, OR can someone provide the message definitions for changing the motor ID/baudrate?
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