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Greg Wood
Apr 28, 2022
In Help and Getting Started
I would like to design a product based on the RMD actuators but I have had so many problems with them I am reluctant to do so. There are 3 versions of the UI that I have found so far. 1.7, 2.0, and 2.1. I need to use 1.7 for the RMD-S, 2.0 for the RMD-L, and I'm not sure what version 2.1 does. The website has been changed so versions 1.7 and 2.0 are no longer available. Good thing I save the programs. Why can't all these different versions be unified into one that works for all products? It also seems that the link to the protocol document is broken. Today I changed the baud rate on the actuators to 1000000, only to find out that the GUI can't be set to 1000000 baud. Also, the message that changes the baud rate is not documented, so now I guess my actuator is stuck at 1000000 baud? Hope I don't need to use some other functions of the UI that aren't documented either, such as changing the ID. I enabled "broadcast mode" on the RMD-L, now nothing works. It can no longer communicate with the UI. This mode is mentioned nowhere in what little documentation there is. How do I fix this? Can working links to complete documentation please be provided? how about a version of the UI for all actuators that doesn't allow an incorrect settings to brick the actuator, and also allows all baud rate options?

Greg Wood

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