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About Us 

Suzhou Micro Actuator Technology Co., Ltd.

Professional · Reliable · Innovative

We Are Committed To Promoting The Development Of System Integrated Control Motor In China

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Company  Profile

Suzhou Micro Actuator Technology Co.,Ltd, an innovative technology company, focusing on integrated intelligent servo actuators.


The company established in2020 and is a key technology enterprise in Suzhou.It has successively won the honors of  "Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises","Kunshan City Science and Technology Talent Enterprise","Suzhou City Talent Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise", "High-tech Enterprise", and other honors.

There are currently 52 technical talents of various types and 28 technical patents,forming 5 major prodduct series and hundreds of products; the comprehensive operating area exceeds 3000 square meters,with complete motor design and development,manufacturing and testing equipment and advanced quality management system. 


Logo  Interpretation

The LOGO pattern is transformed from the letters M and A in the company name into a volcano full of energy, which shows that the company is full of energy, the business is thriving, and creates brilliance together; at the same time, the chip element is added, which represented the industry characteristics.  


The main colors of the LOGO are vibrant orange and blue symbolizing technology, representing vitality, enthusiasm, brilliance, technology, and wisdom.

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