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RMD-X10-S2 1:35

  • Technical specifications

    参数/型号(Actuator Name)   RMD-X10-S2 V3
    货品编码(Item No.)   1034111040
    控制模式(Control mode)   Servo mode(Torque /Velocity/Position)
    Motion  mode (feedforward torque/velocity/position)
    通信方式及波特率(Communication Method &Baudrate)   CAN BUS :500Kbps/ 1Mbps
    RS485 BUS : 115200/500K/1M/1.5K /2.5K
    额定电压(Input voltage) V 48
    最大出轴空载转速 (No -load output Speed) rpm 55
    额定出轴转速 (Nominal output Speed) rpm 50
    额定电流(Nominal current) A 6.7
    输出额定功率(Output Norminal power)/(热平衡点) W 265
    额定扭矩 (Nominal torque) N.M 50
    电机效率(Motor efficency) % 82
    瞬时过载系数(Overload coefficient)   2
    线电阻(Wire Resistance) Ω 0.3
    线电感(Wire inductance) mH 0.13
    电机转速常数(Motor Speed constant) rpm/v 30
    电机扭矩电流常数(Motor Torque constant) N.M/A 0.32
    轴向负载 (Axial direction payload) N 1625
    径向负载(Radial direction payload) N 2250
    转子惯量(Rotor inertia) gc㎡ 5675
    电机重量 ( Motor weight) g 1700
    减速机速比(Reducer ratio)   35:01:00
    减速箱背隙(Backlash) Arc min 15
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