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RMD-X8 Pro-H 1:6

RMD-X8 Pro-H 1:6


1.RMD-X8 is a highly integrated servo actuator module.High performance FOC driver. High power density brushless motor. High precision & lightweight reducer.

2.Enclosed Design,anticorrosive coating process


4.Lightweight Design with high quality aviation aluminum.achieve ultimate light-and-thin beauty

5.Adopts 32 bit high performance ARM chip,High-performance MOS FET,Support 48V high voltage power supply

6.14bit/18bit high resolution magnetic encoder

7.High precision planetary reducer,more smooth,more precision

8.Support CAN and 485 communication,Provide diversified choices for customers(Choose one type of communication when ordering)

9.Dual temperature sensor interface on driver board.Real-time monitor motor and driver temperature,Reliable&Safe

10.Pancake structure with strong torque output,Suitable for Mechanical arm, foot robot, SCARA robot and other areas of industrial automation,SCARA Robot,Mechanical arm,Foot Robot,Exoskeleton Robot