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2024 RoboMaster Southern Division - Northeastern University T-DK team and MyActuator Intelligence appeared in this competition.

Foreword: RoboMaster competition is a competitive feast that integrates technology, strategy and teamwork. The performance of the Northeastern University T-DK team on the field showed their superb skills in robot design, programming and operation and also reflected their love for technology and their desire for victory, which supported them in standing out in the southern division this time. MyActuator is fortunate to be their sponsor this year, and we are deeply honoured to witness their growth and the birth of honour.

Event review: technical competition and team cooperation.

The robot of the T-DK team reflects the cutting-edge technology of Northeastern University in the field of robotics in both design and function. Their robots are not only highly autonomous but also have advanced navigation and target recognition systems, which are the key factors for their excellent results in the RoboMaster competition.

The RoboMaster competition is not only a competition for robot technology but also a test of team spirit and strategic wisdom. The Northeastern University T-DK team demonstrated their deep understanding and innovative application of robot technology in the competition. The robots of the T-DK team are flexible and manoeuvrable on the field and can shoot accurately. Every attack is the result of countless days and nights of hard work and wisdom by the team members.

In the RoboMaster competition, the T-DK team demonstrated excellent teamwork ability. Every decision and execution of theirs was carefully planned to ensure rapid response and effective execution in the intense competitive environment. Super team spirit and collaboration are the important reasons why they stand out among the many participating teams.

Sponsor's perspective: Support innovation and witness growth.

As the sponsor of the T-DK team of Northeastern University, MyActuator provided material sponsorship for this year's competition and fought side by side with them in spirit and strategy. MyActuator’s logo appeared on the robots of the T-DK team of Northeastern University in the RoboMaster competition. It was not only a recognition of our brand but also an affirmation of the technical strength of the T-DK team. We witness every wonderful moment, from their design, research and development to the final performance on the field.

Future Outlook: Continuous Support, Continuous Innovation.

In this southern competition, the Northeastern University T-DT team was slightly inferior to the team of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Zhongshan Institute, and won the runner-up in the southern competition, but we are still full of expectations for the future of the Northeastern University T-DK team. We will continue to provide the necessary support to help them continue to explore and break through in the robotics field. We believe that through our joint efforts, the T-DK team will achieve more brilliant results in future competitions and in robotics exploration and development.



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