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At the 2024 Chicago Automation Exhibition, this Chinese brand is very eye-catching

A gluttonous feast in the local automation field in Chicago, USA, the largest, most complete, and highest-level event in the field of automation is coming! On May 6th, 2024, it will be grandly opened at the McCormick Convention Center!

In 2024, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, robotics and other fields, in order to improve productivity and efficiency in various industries, the demand for joint modules in industrial fields and humanoid fields around the world is increasing. Taking the medical field as an example, precision motor modules account for about 40% of the entire equipment research and development, and the proportion of humanoid robots remains high this year. Therefore, the entire industry serves industrial robots, humanoid robots, exoskeleton robots, and robotic arms. The development of major companies in the field of joint modules will innovate and accelerate rapidly in the whole of 2024.

 Since its establishment in 2020, Myactuator Intelligence has focused on the R&D and manufacturing of high-precision, high-integration, and high-torque-density joint modules. Its products are widely used in humanoid robots, AGVs, robotic arms, medical equipment, exoskeleton equipment, and other fields. , committed to providing high-performance, high-stability, and cost-effective joint module products. Provide reliable technical support for robot manufacturers. At this exhibition, many well-known companies such as Amazon Robotics, OTTO, Festo, etc. came to the myactuator Intelligent Booth for in-depth exchanges.


Myactuator Intelligence not only demonstrated the technical advantages of its products at this exhibition, but also demonstrated its unique market strategy to the global market. By cooperating with exclusive agents in the U.S. domestic market, Myactuator Intelligence can respond to customer needs more quickly and provide more personalized services. This cooperation model not only strengthens the competitiveness of Myactuator Intelligence in the U.S. market, but also provides global customers with a more convenient service experience.

The appearance at this Chicago Automation Exhibition is not only a comprehensive display of its own strength, but also a powerful business card to the global market. The five major  series of myactuator Intelligence provide powerful solutions for more companies with their innovative design and excellent performance.Myactuator Intelligence will continue to be driven by innovation as its concept and provide customers around the world with more intelligent, efficient and reliable motor joint modules.




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