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Exploring innovation and connecting the future——The 2024 Kansai Robot Exhibition in Osaka, Japan came to a successful conclusion

On May 30, 2024, the Kansai Robot Show in Osaka, Japan will welcome automation and robotics enthusiasts from all over the world with its unique charm and innovative spirit. This exhibition is not only large-scale, but also covers all aspects of automation, showing the most cutting-edge technologies and development trends in this field.

With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and robotics, all walks of life around the world are actively exploring how to use these technologies to improve work efficiency and productivity. In this wave, the demand for joint modules, as a core component of robotics, is growing at an unprecedented rate. Especially in the fields of medical equipment and humanoid robots, the performance of joint modules is directly related to the overall performance and reliability of the equipment.


As a company focusing on the research and development of joint modules, since its establishment in 2020, MyActuator Intelligence has been committed to developing products with high precision, high integration and high torque density. Its products are not only widely used in humanoid robots, AGVs, robotic arms and other fields, but also play a key role in medical equipment and exoskeleton equipment, providing customers with excellent performance, stable and reliable and reasonably priced robot core component module manufacturers.


At the 2024 Kansai Robot Show in Osaka, Japan, MyActuator Intelligence will showcase its latest technologies and products, taking a key step towards the global market in the field of joint modules. By establishing close cooperative relationships with local Japanese agents, the company can not only respond quickly to market and customer needs, but also provide more personalized and localized services. This strategy not only strengthens MyActuator Intelligence's competitiveness in the Japanese market, but also provides a more convenient and efficient service experience for global customers. At the exhibition, MyActuator Intelligence's booth attracted the attention of well-known Japanese local companies including zeroidea, IPROS, zeroidea, OKURA DENKI CO., LTD, siix, etc. They showed great interest in MyActuator Intelligence's technology and products and had in-depth exchanges.

MyActuator's layout in the global market in 2024 is not only a comprehensive display of its own strength, but also a powerful business card to the global market. MyActuator Intelligence's five major product series, with their innovative design and excellent performance, provide powerful solutions for more companies. MyActuator Intelligence will continue to take innovation-driven as its concept to provide more intelligent, efficient and reliable motor joint modules to global customers.



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