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Join hands in the future, create a new chapter -- MyActuator's 20+ overseas tour on June 27th was successfully concluded

In the wave of global automation technology, MyActuator was honored to invite 20+ industry experts and entrepreneurs from all over the world to visit MyActuator's in-depth internal exhibition on June 27, 2024. The one-day exchange trip provided the delegation with an in-depth understanding of the relevant technologies and complete series of MyActuator products, and also built a solid bridge to promote international cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Invitation to corporate presentations: demonstrating the concept of win-win cooperation

In the first phase of the event, we invited enterprises with which we have a close working relationship to make introductions. These companies represents different industry sectors, and through these presentations, the delegation gained a deeper understanding of our influence in the industry and the concept of win-win cooperation.

5th floor mini-exhibition hall: display of innovations

Afterwards, the delegation moved to the small exhibition hall on the 5th floor, where the latest R&D achievements of MyActuator in the field of humanoid robotics and intelligent manufacturing are displayed. Integrated Intelligent Joint Module, the latest product of MyActuator: CEM60 Integrated Cycloidal Joint Module is displayed in this MyActuator internal exhibition. Every technological innovation reflects MyActuator's relentless pursuit of technological progress. The delegation showed great interest in MyActuator's innovative products and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with our technical team from time to time. In addition, MyActuator has invited relevant cooperative customers to bring their latest application products, in which the delegation also showed great interest.

Cooperative customers show: the testimony of common achievements

Finally, the delegation visited our cooperative customer display area. Here we display the cases and achievements of our cooperation with global customers, highlighting the competitiveness of MyActuator in the global market and the high level of customer recognition of MyActuator's technology and service.

Exchanges and prospects: working together for future development

On the 5th floor, there were not only the most abundant product display of the whole product series, but also corresponding desserts served, aiming to make this event more relaxed and enjoyable. During the event, industry experts and enterprise representatives shared their views on the technological development trend in the field of robotics, and had in-depth discussions on how to strengthen cooperation with enterprises and promote the progress of the industry. We firmly believe that through such exchanges and cooperation, we can jointly promote the development of automation technology and contribute to the prosperity of the global industry!

With the successful conclusion of the tour, we are looking forward to the future. We will continue to devote ourselves to technological innovation and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.

Concluding Remarks

This activity of MyActuator organizing the overseas 20+ visiting group is not only a display of technology, but also a cultural exchange. We believe that through such activities, we can deepen the mutual understanding and cooperation between different countries and regions in the field of technology, creating unlimited possibilities for future cooperation. MyActuator will continue to devote itself to technological innovation, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and be a good partner of robotics companies.



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