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Myactuator Description of product naming rule changes

Myactuator plans to update all product naming starting from March 20,2024. The new product naming will be based on the new naming rules, so that customers can understand the basic characteristics of the product more efficiently and accurately

EN 总表格-09.jpg

1. RMD is the product brand of myactuator’s classic motors. The classic motor series mainly r
efers to the RMD-L/S direct drive series, RMD-H hollow direct drive series, RMD-X planetary reduction series, and RMD-FL. Frameless torque series. R stands for Reducer, M stands for Motor, D stands for Driver, and RMD means a highly integrated drive-integrated motor module.
2. EPS is the high-end series motor brand of myactuator. The high-end series motors include
RH hollow harmonic series and CEM high-precision cycloid series. E stands for Efficiency,
P stands for Precision, and S stands for Smart. The meaning of EPS is a high-precision, 
high-efficiency and extremely sophisticated integrated motor module.

一、RMD-S series

The following introduces the naming methods of different series of products:

EN 命名图-01.jpg
EN 对比图-06-06.jpg

二、RMD-H series

EN 命名图-05.jpg

三、RMD-X series

EN 命名图-04.jpg
EN 对比图-06-08.jpg

四、EPS-RH series

EN 命名图-03.jpg
EN 对比图-06-07.jpg

五、EPS-CEM series

EN 命名图-02.jpg

For customers who have purchased the old product naming rules, we will provide corresponding support and assistance in subsequent services to ensure that you will not encounter any problems when using the Myactuator product. If you have any questions or suggestions about the new product naming rules, please feel free to contact us and we will solve it for you as soon as possible.

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